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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files which websites store on your computer in order to allow them to function properly – e.g. in order to allow the fact that you’ve logged in to be stored or to record items you’ve added to your shopping basket. The Van Mildert website relies on cookies in order to allow it to perform certain tasks.

How are Cookies Used on this site

Parts of the website use cookies to remember the fact that you’ve logged in from your device and to temporarily highlight errors on any input fields which you may have forgotten to complete. These cookies are not stored indefinitely and do not contain any personal information (eg your name). They are not used to track your movements between websites.

Google Analytics Cookies

Parts of the website uses Google Analytics – a common package provided by Google which allows website owners to monitor the number of visitors to a website, which pages are most popular, etc. Google Analytics will place certain cookies on your device in order to allow this to happen. More information on Google Analytics can be found online here

What if I don't agree

Cookies are an essential part of website technology, without which we can’t support simple features like ‘logging in’. If you’re not comfortable with your device storing cookies you can disable it in your device’s settings, but it’s likely that the functionality of the website will decrease as a result. Where possible, we can conduct certain elements of our service via telephone instead, so you could call us on 0191 2560920 if you’re uncomfortable with allowing cookies, and we’ll do our best to assist.